If you are a tenant of Town & Country Housing, some general repairs and maintenance are your responsibility. Please check our services and our list of repairs responsibility before reporting a repair.

For emergency Gas leak call: 0800 111 999

Heating and Hot Water

Gas and Electric: Swale Heating 0800 0113139
Oil Heating: Headcorn Heating 01622 891299


  • Kitchen

    Your responsibility

    Resident owned appliances

    White goods including washing machines and dishwashers

    Boxing to new areas not covered by the repair

    Sink chains and plugs

    Our responsibility

    Kitchen units, doors, hinges, drawers, handles, latches, shelves, panels, legs and fixings due to fair wear and tear

    Worktops including mastic sealant due to fair wear and tear

    Sinks and taps (only where supplied by Town and Country)

    Extractor fans

    Tiling (supplied by Town and Country)

    Existing ductwork/boxing to conceal pipework following repair

  • Bathroom

    Your responsibility

    Shower curtains or screens

    Wall/vanity cabinets or mirrors

    Toilet roll holders

    Any other resident installed fitting such as over-bath driers etc.

    Bath and sink chains and plugs

    Boxing to new areas not covered by the repair

    Internal blockages including toilets, sinks and baths

    Toilet seats (Unless specialist seat supplied by Town and Country)

    Our responsibility

    Wash basins, including pedestals

    Baths including bath panels wear and tear only

    Replacement of electric showers (unless gifted)

    WCs including pans, cisterns (where replacement is required, replacing high level cisterns with low level cisterns)

    Tiling (supplied by Town and Country)

    Extractor fans

    Existing ductwork / boxing to conceal visible pipework following repair

  • Condensation, Damp and Mould

    Your responsibility

    To follow guidance – ‘Damp & Mould’ leaflet. Dealing with condensation and removing mould with anti fungicidal sprays.

    Our responsibility

    Damp proof course

    Damp; rising or penetrating

    Surveying and providing a diagnostic report

    Providing guidance to residents – ‘Damp & Mould’ leaflet

    Installing extractor fans to alleviate condensation

  • Electrical

    Your responsibility

    Light bulbs including fluorescent and security (other than in communal areas)

    Resident owned appliances

    Installing new intruder alarm systems

    Telephone points

    Resident owned electric fires.

    If we are called out to appliances that you own, you will be recharged for the cost of the work

    Our responsibility

    Storage heaters

    Electric heaters (only when supplied by Town & Country)

    Consumer units, electrical wiring and circuits, RCDs / MSBs etc.

    Electrical components including sockets, spurs, bayonet and batten light fittings (only when fitted by Town & Country)

    Trunking and conduits

    Light fittings (not bulbs) – Only if supplied by Town & Country

    Hard wired smoke detectors (but not back up batteries)

    Communal door entry systems

    Electrical test completed every 5 years to all properties.

  • Fencing, walls, paths and drives

    Your responsibility

    Providing fencing or gates where non previously present

    Upgrading fencing from one type to another

    Concrete and paved areas that are not part of the access between the boundary and front and/or back door to the property

    Your own alteration to garden areas including resident laid paths, drives and patios

    Your erected structures

    Sheds/structures gifted to resident

    Garden maintenance


    Our responsibility

    Existing wall and boundary fences

    NB. Town and Country only legally have to mark the boundary

    Dividing fencing where:

    You can evidence and explicit responsibility of ours to repair dividing fencing in your tenancy agreement.

    N.B Please note we may replace your fence on a like for like basis

    Making safe retaining walls

    Integral driveways, concrete and paved areas providing a pathway for the boundary access to the front and/or rear door

    Repairing (where not beyond economic repair) garages and permanent outbuildings including roof structures, walls and doors to unless erected by residents legally to mark the boundary.

  • Flooring and internal finishes

    Your responsibility

    Your own decorative finishes or furnishings i.e. curtain rail/poles

    Decoration (except plaster repair and making good damage caused by carrying out inclusive repairs)

    Minor defects or imperfections in plaster

    Door locks (unless mechanical fault, external locks only)


    Maintenance and replacement of your own floor coverings including laminate flooring

    Internal doors, frames thresholds architraves / stops, built-in cupboards / larders including door hinges, door handles, keeps, spyholes, door numerals and letter boxes

    Our responsibility

    Floor coverings in kitchens, bathrooms and WCs (Only when supplied by Town & Country)

    Internal doors only due to wear & tear

    Stair cases including treads, risers, nosings, strings, balustrades, posts

    Floorboards, floor joints and skirting boards

  • Plumbing, leaks and blockages

    Your responsibility

    Washing machine hoses

    Dealing with internal blockages to toilets, sinks, baths and basins

    Our responsibility

    Taps (including mixer taps) – replaces in pairs and matched to existing taps in the same room – including washer replacement in dripping taps

    Water main from property to the water board connection point

    Pipework and stop valves not connected to the heating or hot water system including like for like replacement

    Any pipework associated with the secondary (distribution) heating / hot water system

    Immersion heaters where the property is electrically heated

    Cold water storage tanks

    Lagging pipes in loft space

    External drains, manholes, gullies, soakaways, septic tanks within curtilage of the property

    Additional guidance on internal blockages
    In the first instance you should try to unblock via plungers and drain clearing materials. You should also contact neighbours to see if the problem is shared. An overflowing manhole outside the property will also indicate that the shared drain is blocked. In the latter case, you will be advised to call the water authority.

    If there is no evidence of an overflowing manhole and you have tried unsuccessfully to clear the blockage by the means advised, then we will attend but will explain that this may be a rechargeable repair if the report back reveals the blockage was caused by you.

  • Roofing

    Your responsibility

    Communal aerial systems for flats only. This does not include Sky, Virgin or Broadband etc.

    Aerial systems on houses

    Our responsibility

    Keeping the roof water & weather tight

    Chimney breasts, stacks and flues

    Roof timbers

    Fascias, barge boards, soffits and associated roof joinery including replacement with PVC-u where total replacement is necessary

    All rainwater goods including gutters, down-pipes

    All canopies, storm porches and any other attached roof surface unless installed by the tenant

    Any other structural attachments to the roof

    Access to a height of three storeys

    Loft hatches

    Insulation to match existing insulation where removed to undertake works

  • Walls, windows and doors

    Your responsibility

    Glazing following resident damage will be recharged.

    Conservatories fitted by the current resident or gifted to you.

    Door locks, keys and fobs

    Our responsibility

    Keeping walls “water and weather tight” including cladding / render / brickwork including any pointing

    Keeping windows and doors water and weather tight

    Patio, French doors and balcony doors through wear and tear

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