If you have a damaged fence or wall to your boundary please check our list of repairs  before contacting us. This list covers Fencing, walls, paths, drives, garden maintenance and trees.

    Our Responsibility 
  • Existing wall and boundary fences
  • Dividing fencing where: You can evidence an explicit responsibility of ours to repair dividing fencing in your tenancy agreement.
  • Making safe retaining walls
  • Integral driveways, concrete and paved areas providing a pathway from the boundary access to the front and or rear door
  • Repairing (where not beyond economic repair) garages and permanent outbuildings including roof structures, walls and doors to unless erected by residents legally to mark the boundary.
    Your responsibility. Dividing fences that don’t meet the criteria as described below.
  • Providing fencing or gates where none previously present
  • Upgrading fencing from one type to another
  • Concrete and paved areas that are not part of the access between the boundary and front and/or back door to the property or the perimeter path around the property
  • Your own alterations to garden areas including resident laid paths, drives and patios.
  • Your erected structures
  • Sheds/structures gifted to residents
  • Garden maintenance
  • Trees
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